What is child sexual abuse material?

What is child sexual abuse material?

At the international level it is defined as "any representation, by whatever means, of a child engaged in explicit sexual activity, real or simulated, or any representation of the sexual parts of a child for primarily sexual purposes”. While it is true that in some countries the marketing of pornographic materials is legal pornography under 18 is always illegal.

The ICBF, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, teaming with the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, the Ombudsman's Office, Attorney General's Office, National Police (DIJIN) Parents Network - Red Papaz, Rodriguez & Cavelier and UNICEF, developed this tool for the classification of web pages containing child pornography. See the full document here

Classification criteria for web pages with child sexual abuse material 

Child sexual abuse material refers to any visual, auditory or text representation, including cartoons or video games, which in a real or simulated, explicit or implied, involving the participation of a qualified subject: children or people who appear to be boys or girls, of any kind (players, participants or spectators), involving adults or not, in the development of display behavior, representation, description, projection, collection, creation or use of:
1. Carnal Access (art. 212 Criminal Code): The term carnal access is understood as the male organ penetration anally, vaginal or oral, as well as vaginal or anal penetration of any other part of the human body or other objects.
2. Abusive sexual acts, understood as any act of sexual intercourse different from the carnal access.
3. Representation of the sexual parts of a child for sexual purposes, or in a pornographic page context or as part of a sex scene (set of actions of a sexual nature).
4. Animal sex scenes or fantastic figures or images or virtual figures, digitized or created.
5. Scenes involving sexual violence, torture, subjugation, or comparable or similar.
6. Children or people who look like boys or girls, appearing in contexts used by adults and prohibited by law for children. Ex. bars, brothels and those that are in the context of a porn site or as part of a sex scene.
7. That the context of the page or scene includes or suggests or subtly expresses, reserve, secrecy or confidentiality or invitation to be part of or an active member of that community.
8. Boy or girl using sex toys or articles or in the context of a porn site or as part of a sex scene.
9. Symbolic representations regarding objects used by children such as toys, clothing or accessories.
10. That the context of the page or scene includes, offers or sales possibilities of the material, compensation, pay per view, or sexual requests.

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