With the protection of the children and adolescents of any behavior that threatens against freedom, integrity and sexual training, induction, stimulation and constraint to prostitution; Child pornography and sexual exploitation. 

With the implementation and evaluation of programs to ensure the recognition of children and adolescents as bearers of rights, the guarantee and compliance thereof, preventing their threat, infringement and the security of immediate reinstatement of the development of the principle of best interest.

As Governing body for the National Family Welfare System to continue working with public, national and international private organizations, based on shared responsibility, co-management and co-financing criteria to the guarantee of rights of children and adolescents."

The ICBF is present in each of the capitals of the departments (states) and has 200 zone centers, which are service points to serve the population of all the municipalities in the country. Through its regional, zonal Family Advocate centers, programs, services and citizen support line 018000 91 80 80 will address all the complaint situations of violation of the children and adolescents rights.

33 units of specialized care to victims of sexual offenses CAIVAS in the cities of Medellín, Quibdó, Popayan, Pasto, Palmira, Cartago, Siloe, Agua Blanca, Cúcuta, Bucaramanga, Manizales, Ibague, Neiva, Armenia, Fusagasugá, Sucre, Santa Marta , Yopal, Risaralda, Florencia, Tunja, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Monteria, Leticia, Soacha, Villavicencio, Arauca, Valledupar, Riohacha, San Andres, Medellin, Bogota.


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