Telefónica Foundation

We encourage good use of new technologies and promote proper implementation of these in different dimensions of society, with particular emphasis on education.

To do this, we promote reflection, analysis and training opportunities on the new digital culture and participate in networks and joint initiatives to encourage their positive impact on society.

Telefónica Foundation develops activities aimed for the development of the societies in which we operate by creating our own social innovation programs using ICTs in collaborative networks. To this end we have the following lines:

Access to education: We promote access to education and knowledge through the Proniño program that promotes the eradication of child labor and planned actions to provide continuing education and youth entrepreneurship.

Improving educational quality: We work with companies to improve the quality of education. The Educared program focuses its activities to incorporate new technologies in education, looking for a suitable educational use.

Dissemination of knowledge: We generate, disseminate and share knowledge related to education and Digital Culture.

Partners and agreements