Red PaPaz

Representing parents and making visible the main factors affecting the construction of a positive cultural environment for children and adolescents,

with the ability to exert a decisive influence so the public, the state, the media and other public and private organizations comply with applicable laws and be socially responsible.

"Red Papaz” generates strategies and actions in eight areas through interdisciplinary and interinstitutional workshops:

  • Television and Childhood. Articulates, shares, channels and promotes efforts so Colombian children and adolescents each day have a better TV (in the framework of a National Commitment to Quality TV for Children in Colombia).
  • Healthy lifestyle. Promotes awareness and action regarding illegal and inconvenient smoking and alcohol consumption by children and adolescents and ensures that enriching options exist for the use of their free time.
  • Information Technology and Communications (ICT). Works so that children and young people have access to and a healthier, safer and constructive ICT use.
  • Affectivity and sexuality. Its goal is to promote children and adolescents’ affective and emotional development in Colombia
  • Coexistence and peace culture. Promotes bullying awareness and prevention. Learning to be Papaz. Material so parents can count on having better tools to carry out our first responsibility.
  • Aprendiendo a ser PaPaz. Material para que padres y madres contemos con mejores herramientas para llevar a cabo nuestra primera responsabilidad
  • Family, educational and social inclusion of the disabled
  • Respect, conservation and promotion of different cultures (new)

Partners and agreements