Why join Te Protejo?

Our society struggles to understand that there are situations where adults are involved it is part of their freedom and autonomy, but when this occurs with youngsters under the age of 18, it ceases to be so, as in the case of use of legal psychoactive substance. But there are invisible situations such as child pornography (child sexual abuse material), that when they occur it requires decisive actions by the family, private enterprise and the state. For this reason www.teprotejo.org arises, the first hotline in Latin America for the protection of childhood and adolescence in Colombia.

Through this hotline, citizens can report child sexual abuse material, as well as situations involving children under 18 years like the sale and consumption of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, bullying, ciberbullying and  inappropriate content on radio and TV 

1. Our history

In February 20, 2008 Red PaPaz summons the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Education, several companies, NGOs and some parents, to participate in a Study Group whose purpose is to promote the healthy, safe and constructive use of technology by childhood and adolescence. The first great achievement of this group was to consolidate www.tus10comportamientosdigitales.com strategy, launched the 1st of October, 2009. This strategy has been appropriated by many organizations and individuals in Colombia and it continues to be enriched every day.

The Ministerio TIC, ICBF, Fundación Telefónica, the Interactive Generations Forum (Spain) and Red PaPaz felt that promoting the good use of techology was essential but not enough, this is why we joined together with other partners and authorities around www.teprotejo.org to channel complaints, understand and visualize the magnitude of the children and adolescent situation, looking forward to being able to generate actions to minimize crimes against this population in the country.

Te Protejo assumes child sexual abuse material as the first topic to raise awareness to the Colombian population and invite many to join. Child pornography is defined as "any representation, by whatever means, of a child engaged in explicit sexual activity, actual or simulated, or any representation of the sexual parts of a child primarily for sexual purposes". Although in some countries the marketing of pornographic materials is legal pornography under 18 is always illegal.

2. Severity of the problem

• Pornography is the most accessed online content, more than 80%.

• In 2013, INHOPE members processed 54,969 reports of child pornographic content material

10% of the victims were children (under 8 years)
71% of the victims were pre-teens (9-12 years)
19% of the victims were adolescents (over 13 years).
81% of the cases, the victims were girls, 11% were boys and 8% were boys and girls.

• It is estimated that about 20% of all Internet pornography affects children.

• About 35% of the Colombian population and 36% of the world population consists of children under the age of 18, population that is most active in the use of ICT.

• The expansion of Internet coverage in Colombia that includes 2.2 million connections in 2011 to 8.8 in four years means that the State, the private enterprise and the civil society should build synergies for effective protection of children and adolescents in the digital environments.

• Child pornography is not sexy, it is an crime

3. ¿How does Te Protejo work?:

4. How to join?:

• Tell others that www.teprotejo.org exists and use the available presentation.

• Download Te Protejo´s App in your mobile 

• Follow #TeProtejo on Twitter

• Request and place the "TeProtejo complaint button” on your website.

• Formally be an ally committing to engage in the TeProtejo communications plan.

• Be a partner and financially support sustaining this initiative

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